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Adventure Game Biege  v.15

A completed Zelda old school SNES style single player and multiplayer adventure game in Java . It stars a dwarven warrior on a quest to collect crystals for his king. A skillfull lizard ranger joins him in mulitplayer

General Adventure Game Engine(Old)  v.rc

The General Adventure Game Engine is a generic RPGAdventure game engine written in

Mikes Adventure Game - Roguelike  v.02.00

Mikes Adventure Game is a mature 1980s roguelike RPG game like Nethack, rogue, moria, angband, dungeon crawl, hack and Adom. It's a win32 port with no gameplay changes. Not associated with original author Mike Teixeira(help from him would be

Deadlock - adventure game  v.1.0

Deadlock is a 2D top-down adventure game. In this game you play a hero who is part of a tribe that struggles a war against an evil fire demon. You are the only hope to restore peace and prosperity to your people.

Helen - Java Adventure Game Engine  v.1.0

Helen is an adventure game engine written in Java 6, designed to support multiple users. Where Helen attempts to be unique is enabling users with powerful extensibility without a grammar-heavy language (thanks to Groovy).

AnarchiX: a graphical adventure game  v.1.0

AnarchiX is a 2D point&click graphical adventure game like in the old good days. The goal of the story is pretty simple "purge the world of proprietary software". It features various open-source mascots as playing characters. It shall be ...

Tadpoles Action/Adventure Game  v.0.5

Tadpoles is an action/adventure game with ties to the original "snakes" game concept. The game is built on an object-oriented design concept, with the intent to create an adventure game out of the engine.Tadpoles is written in Ruby 1.6 using ...

Open SAGE(Super Adventure Game Engine)  v.1.0

An open Source Adventure game engine. It will be supported on multiplatforms. Their will be a community building this project to perfection. It will make games like Sierra and Lucasarts.

XAGE - eXtensible Adventure Game Engine  v.1.0

XAGE, the eXtensible Adventure Game Engine, is intended to be an engine capable of creating and running Sierra-like adventure games. Furthermore, it is the intention to make the engine extensible so that more complex game types can be created as well.

General Adventure Game Engine  v.

This project's goal is to create a generic adventure/RPG game engine. GAGE will be C++ source, whereas CGAGE will be C

MAD - Adventure Game Engine  v.200

The MAD Project is an attempt to create a powerful, flexible game engine, which is specifically designed for graphical adventure

Cross Platform 3D Game Engine  v.1.0

Cross platform 3D video game engine.Supporting:Apple Mac OS X (Tiger) v10.4.x - (Carbon/OpenGL/AGL)Microsoft Windows XP SP 2 - (Win32/OpenGL/DirectX(Optional))(Optional) Linux - (OpenGL)

Roleplay Adventure Game Engine  v.1.0

a game engine supporting both traditional adventure games and round based role play games.

Open Adventure Game  v.1.0

An open source game based on the Crystal Space Engine.

Adventure Game Creator  v.1.0

An open source RPG type game creator.This is the creation part of the game 'engine'. From this, you'll be able to build the game, enter room descriptions (both long and short), objects (with weight and any damage they do), and monsters.

Adventure Game Driver  v.0.0.2

A graphical MUD server, running LPC scripts, using Sierra AGI-like

The Adventure Game  v.1.0

This is a project that will hopefully develop into a full-fledged RPG.

Keith Goes Painting  v.1.0

The source and resource files for the game side scrolling platform adventure game "Keith Goes Painting" which is written in java uisng the Light Weight Java Games Library (LWJGL)

Maple Story  v.2.16

Enjoy this Adventure game! Fight all the strange animal, Orcs while collecting as much treasure as you can. It comes with carefully crafted story and beautifully designed scenary

My Little Iraqi War  v.2

Extremely exciting war adventure game.

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